Recording Sessions for More Of The Monkees

July 25, 1966
Western Recorders Studios, Hollywood
"Mary, Mary", "Of You"
P: Nesmith
The sessions for The Monkees' second album actually coincided with the last session for their debut. As Boyce & Hart were holding sessions at RCA, Nesmith was holding a session nearby at Western. Micky sang "Mary, Mary" which was released on the album. The mono and stereo mixes of the song differ slightly. Once again, arranger Don Peake played guitar along with James Burton, Al Casey, Michael Deasy, and for the lead, Glen Campbell. Michael Cohen played piano; Larry Knechtel and Bob West handled bass work; Hal Blaine and Jim Gordon played drums; and Gary Coleman was the percussionist. "Of You", sung by Mike with Micky on backup, was left in the can until Rhino's Missing Links. It was written by Nesmith's friend, Bill Chadwick.

July 26, 1966
Western Recorders Studio #1, Hollywood
"(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone", "Whatever's Right"
P: Boyce/Hart
"Steppin' Stone" would be released as the group's second B-side and also on their second album. The usual Boyce and Hart musicians were present, and Micky provided the lead vocal. The mono and stereo mixes of the song differ slightly. Incidentally, Peter Tork and The New Monks recorded a version of this song for a 1981 B-side. Also, the group would remake the song as part of a medley for their 1997 TV special. "Whatever's Right" is a Boyce/Hart song, but no tapes of it have been found. It is not known whether any Monkees vocals were ever recorded for this.

August 6, 1966
RCA Victor Studio A, Hollywood
"Valleri", "(Theme From) The Monkees"
P: Boyce/Hart
The second album's sessions involved many different producers and resulted in a great number of unreleased tracks. One of these tracks is "Valleri" which achieved legendary status when DJs in Chicago and Florida turned it into a hit by airing tapes made from broadcasts of the TV show. However, this version of the song was not released until 1990's Missing Links, Vol.2. Davy sings the lead vocal, and the track was later rerecorded. Davy also released a version on his 1988 cassette Incredible! The TV version of the theme song was recorded on this day. It appeared on the Sampler and Missing Links 3 albums.  It also appeared in karaoke form on Rhino's The Best Of The Monkees.  Over 30 years later, the group would record a remake of the TV version of the theme for use in their TV special. Also, instrumental versions of the theme would be recorded for their special.

August 15, 1966
RCA Victor Studio A, Hollywood
P: Boyce/Hart
"She" was sung by Micky Dolenz and released on the second album. Basically the same musicians as on Boyce/Hart's other sessions played on the track.

August 16, 1966
Single release - "Last Train To Clarksville"/"Take A Giant Step".

August 23, 1966
RCA Victor Studio B, Hollywood
"Ladies Aid Society", "Teeny Tiny Gnome"
P: Boyce/Hart
This session is probably responsible for Don Kirshner's decision to bring in Jeff Barry as a producer. While intended to provide comic relief on the album, these two tracks were not deemed suitable by Don Kirshner. However, "Ladies Aid Society" was eventually released on The Monkees Present in 1969, surprisingly. "Teeny Tiny Gnome" lingered in the can far longer, until 1987's Missing Links. Davy sings "Ladies Aid Society", while Micky sings "Teeny Tiny Gnome" (written by Erwin/Castle).

September 1, 1966
Promotional tour.
The Monkees traveled across the US, promoting their upcoming television series up until its debut on September 12.

September 10, 1966
RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood
"Mr. Webster", "Through The Looking Glass"
P: Boyce/Hart
Neither of the two songs recorded at this session made it onto the album, despite their high quality. Micky sings both songs, and the usual Boyce/Hart session men play on the tracks. "Mr. Webster" was finally released on Missing Links, Vol.2. The group would also recut the song for their next album. "Through The Looking Glass" was released on Missing Links 3. Micky and Boyce/Hart recorded the song a second time for The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees, but it was not released until Instant Replay. A third writer on the song was Red Baldwin.

"Hold On Girl"
P: Jeff Barry, Jack Keller
Don Kirshner brought Jeff Barry into the Monkees project as a producer. On this day, "Hold On Girl"; written by Keller, Ben Raleigh, and Billy Carr; was started but apparently not finished. After another session, one version of this song would be released on the album. A second, slower version of the song was also released on Missing Links, Vol.2.

September 11, 1966
Performance - Del Mar, CA.
On this day, the group helicoptered to Del Mar, CA. They reportedly played a song then traveled back by train to Los Angeles while playing more music.

September 12, 1966
Song debut on TV show - "(Theme From) The Monkees" (TV version), "This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day".

September 19, 1966
Song debut on TV show - "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day".

September 26, 1966
Song debut on TV show - "Saturday's Child".

October 3, 1966
Song debut on TV show - "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone", "Let's Dance On".

October 10, 1966
Album release - The Monkees.

Song debut on TV show - "The Kind Of Girl I Could Love", "All The King's Horses" (unreleased mix).

October 13, 1966
New York City
"Sometime In The Morning", "I Don't Think You Know Me"
P: Goffin/King, Jeff Barry
Based in New York, Barry and songwriters Gerry Goffin and Carole King produced these two tracks themselves, then had the tapes sent to The Monkees in Los Angeles. This situation forced the boys to do their best to recreate the demo vocals. Micky did an excellent job on "Sometime In The Morning" which made the album after one more session. The mono and stereo mixes of the song differ slightly. Peter made his vocal debut on this third version of "I Don't Think You Know Me" with the other three Monkees providing the backing vocals, making this one of the few songs recorded with all four Monkees singing. The song was not included on the album however, nor did it make an appearance on the TV show as originally planned. It was first released on Rhino's 1991 Listen To The Band box set, then in a superior original mono mix as a bonus track on the second album CD reissue.

October 15, 1966
New York City
"I'm A Believer", "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)"
P: Jeff Barry
Another songwriter Don Kirshner chose for The Monkees was the future star Neil Diamond. The two excellent songs produced on this day were both included on the album. "I'm A Believer" was also the A-side of the second single and went on to become The Monkees' biggest hit, not to mention the Top Song of 1967! Once again, the songs were recorded in New York, then sent to Los Angeles for the vocals. Carol Kaye played Fender bass on this track and possibly others from these New York sessions. Unfortunately, complete documentation for these sessions has not been located. Micky sang "I'm A Believer", and an early version of this song was included as a bonus track on the CD reissue. Micky also performed "I'm A Believer" in a duet with Julie Driscoll in the 1969 TV special 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee. A karaoke version (remixed from the multitrack tapes) of the recording was released on the Japanese The Monkees Rule. The group would also record the song in 1997 as part of a medley for their TV special. Davy sang "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)" at this recording session.. A longer edit, similar to one aired on TV but including a humorous voice-over from Peter, was included as a bonus track as well. A second session for both of these songs was held.

October 23, 1966
American Studios, Studio City
"Hold On Girl", "Your Auntie Grizelda"
P: Jeff Barry, Jack Keller
"I'm A Believer", "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)"
P: Jeff Barry
The above songs were finished at this session. Also, Peter's first released vocal was recorded, "Your Auntie Grizelda", cowritten by Keller and Diane Hilderbrand. Peter did the vocal in one take.

October 25, 1966
New York City
"Sometime In The Morning"
P: Goffin/King, Jeff Barry
The track was finished on this day.

October 26, 1966
RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood
"Looking For The Good Times", "I'll Spend My Life With You", "Tear Drop City"
P: Boyce/Hart
This Boyce/Hart session also yielded several tracks not immediately released. "Looking For The Good Times", sung by Davy, was released on The Monkees Present in 1969. The other two were sung by Micky with "I'll Spend My Life With You" first being released on the box set then the second album reissue CD as a bonus track. This song would be rerecorded for Headquarters. "Tear Drop City", a "Clarksville" clone, was the group's ninth A-side and also made it onto Instant Replay.

"I'll Be Back Up On My Feet"
P: Jeff Barry
On the same day, Jeff Barry produced this track, written by Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell, which was featured heavily on the TV show but not originally released. Micky sang the song which was released on Missing Links, Vol.2 and the box set. The group would try this song during their fourth album sessions but not complete it. A third version was recorded and released on their fifth LP.

October 28, 1966
RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood
"Don't Listen To Linda", "Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears", "I Never Thought It Peculiar"
P: Boyce/Hart
Once again, none of Boyce and Hart's songs from this session were immediately released. Davy sang "Don't Listen To Linda" and "I Never Thought It Peculiar", while Micky sang another "Clarksville" clone, "Apples...". "Linda" was released as a bonus on the album's CD reissue, "Apples..." made it onto 1987's Missing Links, and "Peculiar" was the quickest to be released on 1970's Changes, after a session during that time and also made it onto a TV episode in an alternate mix. Davy would recut "Linda" with Boyce/Hart during the fifth album sessions, and it would be released on the sixth. Apparently, "Apples..." was dubbed onto one the "Royal Flush" TV episode for early '70s syndication!

"The Day We Fall In Love", "Laugh"
P: Jeff Barry
"The Day We Fall In Love"'s vocal was started on this day by Davy. One more session would be required before this Linzer/Randell song would be finished for the album. "Laugh" (written by The Tokens: Hank Medress, Phil and Mitchell Margo, and Jay Siegal), also sung by Davy, was completed in one day. With all of the excellent Boyce/Hart songs plus the far superior Linzer/Randell song "I'll Be Back Up On My Feet" remaining in the can, it is a shame that Kirshner chose these songs for the album.

October 31, 1966
"All The King's Horses" (unreleased mix) on TV show.

October 1966
P: Boyce/Hart
This excellent version of the song, featuring Micky and Peter, was used on the TV show but sadly not on the album. Thankfully, it was released on Missing Links, Vol.2 (in an alternate mix) along with many other Boyce/Hart outtakes from this album. The group recut the song for Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.

November 1966
For the most part, November was devoted to rehearsals for the group's first tour as well as TV episode filming.

November 7, 1966
Song debut on TV show - "You Just May Be The One", "Take A Giant Step" (unreleased mix).

November 12, 1966
Single release: "I'm A Believer"/"(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone".

November 17, 1966
"Do Not Ask For Love"
P: Nesmith
One of the few, yet excellent, Nesmith productions for the second album, this Micky-sung track was not released originally despite being performed during the group's first tour in Winter 1966/67. It was written by Michael Murphy, a friend of Nesmith, and released on Missing Links, Vol.2. Peter would record this song for the 1968 TV special 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee. Also, according to Glenn A. Baker and co.'s Monkeemania, Peter performed "a Michael Murphy ballad" at the Troubadour in April 1967. Perhaps that ballad was this song.

November 18, 1966
Peter Tork performance - W.F. Ku Memorial in San Francisco, CA.
At this event, Peter performed two songs from "Tippy The Toiler" called "The Love Song From 'Tippy The Toiler'" and "The Consumer's Suite". Although a June 21, 1967 date has been listed for the recording of the former, this does not seem to exist.

November 21, 1966
Song debut on TV show - "She".

November 23, 1966
RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood
"When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)", "The Girl I Left Behind Me"
P: Sedaka/Bayer
These two songs were written by the producers and sung by Davy. However, only "When Love Comes Knockin'" would be released on the album, as "The Girl I Left Behind Me" was never finished. Although Andrew Sandoval claims three more attempts were made at recording this song, only two have been released, and the instrumental backing track of the last-recorded version (the version released on Instant Replay) has been released on Davy's 1995 Just For The Record - Volume Two. The two full versions that have been released were both produced during the The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees sessions. Incidentally, Sandoval incorrectly states that this '66 version was released on the Instant Replay album in its reissue notes. This concluded the sessions for More Of The Monkees, and the group was about to begin its first concert tour.

November 28, 1966
Song debut on TV show - "Mary, Mary".