Winter 1966/67 US Tour
December 3, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 1966
January 1, 2, 14, 15, 21, 22, 1967
Set List:
"Last Train To Clarksville"
"She's So Far Out She's In"
"You Just May Be The One"
"I Wanna Be Free"
"Take A Giant Step"
"Sweet Young Thing"
"Papa Gene's Blues"
"Do Not Ask For Love"
"I Can't Get Her Off My Mind"
"Mary, Mary"
"Cripple Creek"
"You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover"
"Gonna Build A Mountain"
"I Got A Woman"
"I'm A Believer"
"(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone"

Mike: guitar, percussion
Peter: bass, keyboards, banjo
Micky: drums
Davy: percussion, drums, bass
Solo set backup: The Candy Store Prophets

The Monkees' first public performance was at the "Last Train To Clarksville" promotional trip at and back from Del Mar on September 11, 1966, the day before the TV series debut. The Monkees' first concert tour took place soon after the release of their second single, "I'm A Believer", and continued over the release of their second album, More Of The Monkees. In fact, the group was not even aware of the album's release until the actual date. As an answer to reports that the group "didn't play their own instruments", The Monkees embarked on this tour after fitting in rehearsals late at night after filming the TV show and recording the studio tracks. The group provided all of the instrumental work with the exception of the solo sets which were backed by Bobby Hart's Candy Store Prophets. Mike played maracas during his solo set, and Peter provided his own backup on banjo. Davy would take over on drums for the end of "Mary, Mary", and Peter would play both the organ and bass parts on keyboards on "I'm A Believer".  Davy also played bass on at least one song on at least one date (he is pictured playing bass in Honolulu).

Several as of yet unreleased songs were included in the set, one of which would never be finished in the studio by the group ,"She's So Far Out She's In", written by Baker Knight and sung by Michael. Apparently, this song had not even been attempted by the group prior to the start of the tour but probably existed as a demo.  It had been previously recorded and released by Dino, Desi & Billy on May 20, 1966. The song was attempted in the studio on January 16, 1967, close to the end of the tour and on the first official session The Monkees held as a true band. The others included "You Just May Be The One", "Do Not Ask For Love", and "I Can't Get Her Off My Mind" (all recorded prior to the tour). "You Just May Be The One" had aired on the November 21, 1966 television series episode however. Also, "Mary, Mary", had not been heard prior to the start of this tour (December 3, 1966) but was aired on the December 5 episode and of course was released on the second album on January 10, 1967. The solo sets comprised covers of songs as selected by the individual Monkees. Apparently, "Take A Giant Step" was sung by Davy and Peter on this tour, interesting, as Davy had been the singer on the first recorded (unreleased and lost) version, and Peter later recorded the song for his first solo album.

The January 21, 1967 show at The Coliseum in Phoenix, AZ was filmed and recorded for use in a TV episode. Unfortunately, the vocals were not recorded, as they were later overdubbed. Although the four-track tapes of the entire concert sans vocals exist, no outtake visual footage has been found.

December 3, 1966
First Monkees concert at Honolulu International Center Arena in Hawaii. Soon after this date, Davy went to England for promotions.

Late 1966
Peter Tork performance with The Buffalo Springfield - Whisky Au Go-Go in Hollywood, CA.
Peter was good friends with The Buffalo Springfield, particularly Stephen Stills.  Sometime late in the year, he joined The Springfield on stage at The Whisky Au Go-Go and sang "Alvin" (later to be recorded but not released until much later).

December 12, 1966
Song debut on TV show - "I'll Be Back Up On My Feet".

December 19, 1966
Performance on TV show - "Different Drum" (parody).

December 1966
Davy Jones TV appearance - "The Top of the Pops" (England).

December 26, 1966
Concert - Denver Coliseum in Colorado.

December 27, 1966
Concert - Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, TN.

December 28, 1966
Concert - Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY.

December 29, 1966
Concert - Winston-Salem Coliseum in North Carolina.

December 30, 1966
Concert - Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, PA.

December 31, 1966
Concert - Cincinnati Gardens in Ohio.

David Jones single release - "It Ain't Me Babe"/"Baby It's Me" (old Colpix recordings).

January 1, 1967
Concert - Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN.

January 2, 1967
Concert - Assembly Center Arena in Tulsa, OK.

January 10, 1967
Album release - More Of The Monkees.

January 14, 1967
Concert - Olympia Stadium in Detroit, MI.

January 15, 1967
Concert - Public Auditorium in Cleveland, OH.

Recording Sessions for the Third Single and Headquarters

January 16, 1967
Goldstar Studios, Hollywood
"She's So Far Out She's In", "The Girl I Knew Somewhere", "All Of Your Toys"
P: Chip Douglas
The Monkees were not happy with their second album. They had no say in the assembly and release of the album and were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with Don Kirshner's role as musical director, picking the songs and not allowing Monkee involvement except for the vocals (with the exception of Mike's tracks which he wrote and produced). This resulted in The Monkees being granted 50% then eventually 100% control of their music, including the instrumental backing. Chip Douglas (formerly of the Modern Folk Quartet and bass player with The Turtles) was recruited by Mike Nesmith as producer, and the group had its first session on this day. The group was nearing the end of its first tour, which no doubt helped them prepare to record in the studio, and had just played in Cleveland the day before. Nesmith played the guitar; his friend John London handled the bass; Micky played the drums; Peter played the harpsichord and piano; and Davy handled the percussion. "She's So Far Out She's In", performed on their first tour, was attempted but not completed. "All Of Your Toys" was recorded on this day with Micky singing lead. After a few more sessions, this would be ready for release, though it would have to wait 20 years! The song was written by Bill Martin and published by Tickson music, not Screen Gems; thus, it could not be released at the time. It was originally planned as the A-side for the third single. The song finally appeared on Missing Links and also made it onto the box set (in a slightly different mix) and as a bonus on the CD reissue of Headquarters (in its original mono mix). "The Girl I Knew Somewhere", which had been recorded by the group during their earliest sessions together before Kirshner was involved, was rerecorded on this day with Mike handling the lead vocal. Though this was an excellent version, it would not be released until being placed as a bonus track on the reissue CD of Headquarters.

January 19, 1967
RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood
"The Girl I Knew Somewhere", "All Of Your Toys"
P: Chip Douglas
A new version of "The Girl I Knew Somewhere" was recorded on this day with Micky singing lead. Several sessions of overdubs were required before this song would be ready for release as the B-side of the group's third single. When the song was released in stereo, some additional backing vocals were included during the bridge. Further work was completed on "All Of Your Toys".

January 21, 1967
RCA Studio B, New York City
"99 Pounds", "She Hangs Out", "You Can't Tie A Mustang Down", "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You", "Gotta Give It Time", "Love To Love"
P: Jeff Barry
Meanwhile, Kirshner was still producing sessions. Neil Diamond penned "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" and "Love To Love". Jeff Barry wrote "99 Pounds", cowrote "She Hangs Out" with Ellie Greenwich, cowrote "You Can't Tie A Mustang Down" with Leiber/Stoller, and cowrote "Gotta Give It Time" with Levine and Leiber/Stoller. "99 Pounds", sung by Davy, was eventually released on Changes in 1970, and "Love To Love", including a 1969 lead vocal, was released on Monkeemania in Australia in 1979, Monkee Business in 1982, the box set, and Missing Links 3. Apparently, the 1986 Rhino vinyl reissue of Changes features an alternate mix of "99 Pounds". It is unknown whether or not any Monkee sang "Gotta Give It Time", and it has never been released. Davy sang all of the rest, including "You Can't Tie A Mustang Down" which appeared on Daydream Believer And Other Hits. In February 1967, Kirshner released the "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You"/"She Hangs Out" single, against the 50% Monkee-control rule. This resulted in his firing from The Monkees' project. Though the single was withdrawn, it did reach the consumer level in Canada. Also, Kirshner pressed a fair number of promotional singles, "My Favorite Monkee" Davy Jones Sings. In March, "The Girl I Knew Somewhere" became the B-side of the group's third single. When "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" appeared on compilations, it was in a slightly different mix, in stereo. It is assumed that this date is when the New York tracks, sans Monkee vocals, were recorded as the group were playing their famous concert in Phoenix on this night, providing the instrumental work and all.

Concert - The Coliseum in Phoenix, AZ.

This concert was filmed, and the instrumentals were recorded. Vocals were overdubbed on sections of the concert which were broadcast on the "Monkees On Tour" episode of the TV series on April 24, 1967. Audio (not including vocal overdubs) has begun circulating. In this tape, Nesmith can be heard saying, "I hope that dispells some rumours." directly after their opening song, "Last Train To Clarksville".

January 22, 1967
RCA Studios, New York City
"I Didn't Know You Had It In You, Sally", "I Wanna Be Your Puppy Dog", "Love Is On The Way"
P: D. Randell
Micky sang "I Didn't Know You Had It In You, Sally" which Andrew Sandoval has stated does exist in the vault anywhere, remaining unreleased to date.  It is unknown whether or not vocals were recorded for the other two. All songs were written by Linzer/Randell, but none were released. It should be noted that had The Monkees not decided to take control of their music, the group would have released an album very similar to Changes rather than Headquarters! Once again, it is assumed that the backing tracks only, and not the vocals, were recorded on this day as the group played their final concert of their first tour at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA on this day.

Concert - Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA.